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As teachers dedicate their lives to helping students grow into the person they are meant to be, their time spent at ESD is highly celebrated. After 20 years of teaching at the school, the instructors receive recognition awards.

The Eagle Laureate Dinner, where the awards are presented, was proposed to Father Swann 12 years ago by alumni. During this dinner, two awards are given out: 20 year award where teachers are inducted to the Keri Scholtz Hall ’87 Convocation and the Inspirit Accolade Award.

The Inspirit Accolade Award is one of the highest honors that faculty and staff can achieve. Each year, the Alumni Board of Directors selects teachers or faculty to be honored.

Tolly Salz, head of the English department, was one of the two faculty who received the 2023 Inspirit Accolade Award.

“I was really stunned,” Salz said. “It was such a sweet surprise knowing the nomination came from alumni.”

This award is a great honor for teachers as it provides appreciation to the nominated faculty.

“I was enormously excited to have it announced that I would receive the award,” William Cook, former middle school English teacher, said.

“My calling [is] to help students,” Salz said. “It’s my purpose to help bring up the next generation to help lead our beautiful way.”

This award is unique to ESD and provides recognition and gratitude to teachers who serve ESD beyond the expectation.

“I feel so lucky,” Salz said. “It’s an honor in itself to be able just to get up and come work with kids and see people grow, and I love it.”

The award mentions teachers who dedicate their lives to teaching and helping students. “I hope all other future graduates, when the time comes, will become members of the Association,” Cook said. “That you all can be part of a continuing love for ESD.”

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