Night at the circus

Prom night brings excitement after previous cancellation

Katherine Mote

On Sat. April 2 the upperclassmen attended the annual ESD prom. “Circus,” this year’s prom theme, was held at the Dallas Museum of Art. Because of Covid-19 and weather-related issues, last year’s prom was scheduled to take place outdoors, but within an hour, it began to rain and the majority of students left the event. 

“I really enjoyed this year’s prom, especially because of the issues that came up last year, stopping us from really having a full prom,” senior James Click said. “The DMA had a really nice ambiance and the live band was a nice touch because it was so much more engaging [than a DJ].”

Prom featured several activities, from raffles to casino games there was always something to keep everyone entertained. Top prizes included gift cards, TVs and specialty items such as cowboy boots and jewelry. The whole event was planned by junior parents and the venue was decorated to match the theme.

“Prom was really well organized and it was evident how thoughtful the planning was,” junior Alexa Grabow said. “There was plenty to do, so everyone was always doing something and there was never a dull moment. It was different from other school dances because the music was much better and there was a live band, which made it really easy for everyone to dance and sing along. Overall I think everyone had a great time.”

The photos in the gallery below are provided by Carol Vig Photography.

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