Seniors received summer internships based on their interests

Satori Griffith

The doctor took the sterilized scalpel in his hand and began the surgery. It was just another routine colonoscopy with Dr. Weisberg late in the evening on a routine Wednesday during the summer. Suddenly, something shocking was discovered, a large mass. Dr. Weisberg had never seen anything like that before. It was massive compared to all of the other polyps. Using the hot snare, he removed all of the mass and inspected it upon its removal. The mass, so unique, got packaged and sent to the Mayo Clinic to be examined. A rare finding, one that shocked the doctors, and it was witnessed by a high school student.

Senior Kai Robinson, experienced something that usually takes years of training and school to be able to see, but he got to witness it as a high school student. Through the WORX program, an internship program offered to rising seniors by the school, Robinson was able to be involved in an internship that allowed him to pursue his passion in the medical field.

“It was an amazing experience to be exposed to something new,” said Robinson. “Learning about the medical field from an up close perspective gave me a lot of insight into what it is really like to be a doctor.”

Managed by the college guidance team, the WORX program provides students with the opportunity to expand their career awareness, introduce new life skills and render valuable exposure to various fields of interest. Students are immersed in different job platforms tailored to their interests and skills.

Internships are usually in the medical, business or law fields. Senior Emma Sochia also experienced a rewarding summer internship. After going through the interview process and getting assigned an internship at Milliard Diamond Concierge, Sochia began her new job during July. She met with clients, designed  jewelry and managed social media platforms, Sochia was involved in the behind the scenes aspect of running a business. From making Tik Toks to taking pictures, Sochia took part in the company’s online marketing and customer service.

“The WORX program helped me figure out what I want to do when I get older,” said Sochia. “I have always been interested in public relations and marketing, so my internship gave me a real sense of what the business world is like.”

The internship program contains a wide range of opportunities for students with all  different types of interests. It is rare to be exposed to these types of rigorous job-like conditions, mirroring what it is really like to work in a particular field. Robinson’s internship took an interesting approach in the medical field. Interning with Dr. Weisberg, at Digestive Health Associates of Texas, Robinson met with patients and observed medical procedures like endoscopies and colonoscopies.

“My favorite parts of the internship were hearing about the business side of medicine as well as also being able to see the procedures themselves,” Robinson said. “Medicine has so many unseen aspects that influence a provider’s decision, it is fascinating to watch.” 

The WORX program builds relationships within the business world for students to use to their advantage. The program does not only provide experience, it also creates a foundation for college applications, an impressive signal to show motivation and work ethic within students. It also assists in helping shape students’ choices in choosing a college major.

 Senior Annie Heldman saw these opportunities first hand while interning with an independent artist based in L.A., the Sculptra Gallery. Heldman created lesson plans, designed a website, researched grants and contacted art galleries. She got to work closely with art museums and even show off some of her own paintings. If it was not for Covid-19, Heldman would have also been able to travel to California to participate in an art show, an amazing opportunity to learn more about what it is like to be an artist. 

“My favorite part of my internship would be reaching out to the various museums to sell her art,” Heldman said. “It made me feel so grown up and important. It was quite the reality check that I was being trusted with such important tasks [and] that my internship relied heavily on [me] to grow her business.”

The internships give students the opportunity to build their resumes and form an idea of what their ideal job would look like. Director of College Guidance Chris Gonzales has been a part of the WORX program since 2013, she coordinates and manages the program. Gonzales has observed students gain a lot from their internships, like how to plan, advertise, and coordinate events.

“The WORX program gives ESD juniors the opportunity to go through a job application and interview process,” Gonzales said. “They also gain exposure to a professional field of interest to strengthen their understanding of college majors and career preparation.”

While most internships are conducted in person and at offices, senior Erika Batson worked from home this summer. Batson wrote for a teen website called which focuses on the navigational lives of young girls. She created subscription packages, wrote about fashion and helped advertise the blog, Batson was immersed in the online business world.

“I got to experience how my passions are applied to the job industry,” Batson said. “My experience with the program helped me figure out what I wanted to major in in college.”

There is a lot to learn from working up close with specific jobs, especially those that pertain to interesting fields. The WORX program is a useful tool, expanding experiences and showing students the ropes to running a successful business.

“I have learned a lot this summer and was so grateful for the opportunity to work with someone that shares my same interests,” Heldman said. “Throughout my internship I found things that I liked and things I didn’t particularly enjoy, but I used every second of my time to learn about the industry and all the different aspects that go along with it.”

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