Maddy Hammett

During the week of Feb. 22, the upper school’s Community Service Council organized Random Acts of Kindness in their community. Each day of the week included different activities such as sharing positive words, writing thank you notes and doing an act of service for the community. 

This year, Random Acts of Kindness Week underwent some changes due to the pandemic. The Community Service Council had virtual meetings and made sure to observe social distancing during the entirety of their planning. Students who were virtual were also encouraged to still participate from home, continuing to spread positivity in the community. 

“I think overall the week went pretty well,” Director of Community Service Learning Courtney Phelps said. “It was kind of hard to tell whether or not people engaged since so many were virtual, and we were coming back from the week of no school from the snow storm.”

Community Service Council members kept the community engaged following the chaos of the winter storm. 

“I think the biggest message we were trying to send to students was to just do something kind for their community,” sophomore Community Service Council member Bridget Wang said. “The biggest challenge we faced was definitely trying to replan the week following the winter storm and also communicating with each other while some were still virtually learning, but overall I’d say we pulled it off.”

While there were more obstacles this year than during past Random Acts of Kindness Weeks, students were still committed to making the community a more positive place. And Phelps was delighted to see the entire community get excited about the week. 

“Even though the past month has been really difficult to navigate, students still found a way to get involved in the activities,” Phelps said.

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