Temperatures dipped 40 degrees below normal and snow and ice swept across every county in the state. Snow and ice storms on Sunday and Wednesday blanketed many major cities in Texas, leaving many residents without electricity and/or water. By Wednesday, at least 10 weather-related deaths had been reported in Texas.

Although this storm system did provide numerous challenges to Texans and to most of the countrys, the thick layer of snow was one of the most beautiful snow falls that many Texans had seen in their lifetimes. 

“This is the most snow I have ever seen in Dallas. We have had school closed for one or two inches of snow, but this is unlike anything I have ever seen.”

Henry Hobson,

In the photo above, freshman Logan Betts, ventured out into the freezing temperatures to capture the natural beauty that the snow provided.

“My motivation to take the pictures of the snow was that it presents a very interesting challenge to take photos of an extremely white material as cameras don’t really adjust well with so much white material,” Betts said. “I think the challenge to find interesting ways to balance the white on a camera can be so fun, and I was excited to be presented with the opportunity.”

Snow in Texas is rare, so students like Betts seized the opportunity to photograph and enjoy the snow given that there will likely not be another winter storm like this one in the near future.

“This is the largest snow storm that I can remember,” Betts said. “I think the only other time I remember getting a good amount of snow was around 2014, but that doesn’t even compare to this year. During my day off I spent time with my family, and specifically with my brother. We went outside and had fun in the snow for a couple of hours since we know this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime experience for Texas, and we wanted to take advantage of it.”