Kara Dross

After creating a later start in the second semester schedule, some sport teams began practicing in the morning instead of after school. 

Head of Upper School Henry Heil sent out an email on Dec. 17 regarding the new changes to the upper school schedule, one of which included a pushed back 9:30 a.m. start to classes. This decision was made so students could engage in clubs, participate in athletic practice, get work done before class or benefit from extra sleep.

 “With the repurposing of athletic spaces to accommodate the need for socially-distanced classrooms, [the later start] has helped alleviate the facility strain which occurs after school,” Director of Athletics Dan Gill said.

Junior Emilye Dullye, who plays on the varsity womens soccer team, has benefited from the new schedule changes that allow her team to hold practices in the mornings.

“I have enjoyed the new changes that allow the team to practice in the mornings,” Dullye said. “Even though we still have to wake up early to attend practice, we get to leave school at 3:45 like everyone else, so I have a lot more time in the afternoon.” 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the original athletic spaces around campus, such as the Auxiliary Gym and Wrestling Room, have now been modified to use as classrooms, limiting spaces for teams to hold practices. 

“As a department, we have tried to get creative with the spaces available to us,” Gill said. “So we can safely execute all our winter sports programs.” 

Although the change is new and has taken time to get used to, Dullye is glad she still gets to have practice despite COVID-19 regulations this year.

“Even though this year has changed a lot of things for sports teams, I am glad that these new schedule changes are allowing [the teams] to find ways to practice at school,” Dullye said. “Although COVID-19 has made things difficult, I am grateful I still get to play soccer.”

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