Every issue, the Eagle Edition looks through photos in the school’s archives and selects a moment to look back on. 

Grandparent’s Day is a longstanding tradition at the school. The day is an opportunity for grandparents to see the campus, attend class with their grandkids and experience a chapel ceremony. 

“It’s wonderful to visit the classes and to meet the teachers and discuss what’s going on and what’s being taught and what’s being learned,” Lee Cullum, grandmother to senior Charlotte Clark, Lili Clark ‘15 and Annabel Clark ‘17, said. “In the times when they had a gathering in the chapel, I thought that was very nice too because it really gave you a strong sense of what life on the campus must be like because [students] gather in the chapel quite often. It’s also fun to see the other students and to see the other grandparents and develop a real sense of camaraderie. It’s a real affirmation of the ESD community.” 

Cullum’s favorite memory of Grandparent’s Day was attending a class where the teacher was teaching students about movies.

“[The teacher] was talking about the history of movies and what those from the ‘30s and the ‘40s still mean to us today,” Cullum said. “It was just wonderful. [The teacher] was brilliant, the students were brilliant, and the topic was fascinating.”

Due to the school’s COVID-19 restrictions that limit visitors on campus and to keep members of the community safe, Grandparent’s Day will not be held this year. Cullum will miss this year, as it would have been her last Grandparent’s Day.

“The campus is so beautiful, and it’s nice to be reminded of that and to experience that—just the beauty of the place,” Cullum said. “There’s a wonderful atmosphere at ESD. It’s a joyful atmosphere.”