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The Eagle Edition is going digital! 

At the end of last school year, when we began distance learning, that period of time felt isolating for many students because we weren’t able to participate in community events. In times such as these, having a school news site is more important than ever. The Eagle e-Edition serves to provide more timely news coverage in this unusual time. It’s been a crazy year, and the future is so uncertain, but we hope that by providing prompt updates, you will be able to feel a bit more at ease. 

Also, the Eagle e-Edition is not only a platform for school news but also student voices. We are accepting and encouraging contributions from anyone in the ESD community, whether that be in the form of an opinion piece, podcast or video. We want to hear from you, so please reach out. In such divisive times, it is important for us to share our voices and opinions, and we hope that you all will do so. Sign up to be a student blogger, a columnist, have a video series or podcast for a fun and rewarding experience.

On the Eagle e-Edition, we will be covering every aspect of student life and campus culture, from breaking news to sports games highlights to baking tutorials and everything in between and beyond. Check out our website for student council announcements, articles about student involvement, political or humorous opinion pieces, and more. We’ll be featuring student chefs, musicians, athlete highlight reels and gamers. We want to showcase every aspect of the school’s community. We’re hoping it’ll be a fun and interactive experience for everyone and help add some normalcy and unite our community during this strange time. If you’d like to be a student contributor for any form of media, please reach out to me at fuj@esdallas.org.

Be on the lookout for breaking news, student life updates, announcements, and weekly polls on esdeagleedition.org! We will also be sending out a weekly newsletter highlighting the trending stories and videos of the week. 

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