Pro: Biden

Zander Knight

The 2020 election will be a major turning point in our country’s history. While this may seem like an over generalization that has been said about elections before, 2020 has presented us with significant social, economic, cultural and political issues the country has rarely seen the likes of before, let alone together. We stand in the midst of a pandemic that has killed over 200,000 people and crippled our economy, and the largest civil rights movement our nation has seen in years. Thus, this election will decide the fate of our country for years to come. In that vein, the choice to put our country on the right track is Joe Biden.

The elephant in the room is, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed nearly a quarter of a million lives and has cost our country dearly economically. However, according to data from top disease researchers, almost 90 percent of those deaths could have been prevented if the US had reacted differently. Biden, as opposed to Trump’s denial, has reiterated over and over again the need to trust our scientists, going so far as to stipulate that it is incorrect to try and remedy the country’s economy while not addressing the pandemic itself. Furthermore, Biden worked with Obama to build on a pandemic emergency response plan during his vice-presidency, as well as having helped rebuild the economy left to him and Obama following the 2008 recession, making Biden an ideal choice for pandemic response and recovery.

However, the protests regarding police brutality and systematic racism cast, arguably, just as great of a shadow as the pandemic. Regardless of your stance on the protests themselves, African Americans feel constantly targeted by police and the judicial system, which are concerns President Trump has outright denied the validity of. A president is supposed to be, first and foremost, a leader of the American people, and you cannot be an effective leader by openly refusing to acknowledge the concerns and accusations of racism in law enforcement levied by minority communities, concerns which often have great validity behind them. Trump has perpetuated an atmosphere of division in Washington, which Biden has the power to change. Biden has over 40 years of experience in congress, which grants him the ability to network and solve problems through negotiation and hear out these people’s concerns.

This election will serve as a harbinger for the direction our country is to take in the coming years, but the choice is about empathy more than anything else. Our current administration lacks empathy, for people of color, for the poor and for people who cannot protect themselves. While not everyone may suffer from the issues that our country is dealing with today, it is our responsibility to vote for someone who will. In a world that needs it more than ever, Joe Biden brings empathy, rather than divisiveness, to the presidential stage.

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Pro: Trump

Gardiner Vose

With the 2020 presidential election coming around the corner, the division between the Republican and Democrat Parties is one of the most significant divides in modern-day U.S. history. With a year plagued by numerous disasters, many are looking for someone to blame, and for the majority of the Democrats in our country, President Donald Trump is the easiest target. 

Using issues such as the coronavirus, tense race relations and others, the left wing party has attempted to convince the American people that all of these problems stem from one man: Donald Trump. It is no surprise to anyone that as the election cycle gets closer, anti-Trump and republican agendas are on a rise among left wing media sources, leaving out many facts and giving a very selective narrative to the American people. 

The United States was shut down around the same time many other countries did, but cases continued to rise because many people did not obey stay-at-home orders. This cannot be blamed on a single person. This was a nationwide issue that had to do with people who chose not to follow local and federal guidelines and cannot be the fault of the president.  

Before the coronavirus, Trump made momentous strides such as his passage of the First Step Act, which offers inmates more job opportunities and rehabilitation programs, improving conditions in prisons, reducing sentences for minor drug charges and expanding early release programs, all of which are a major benefit for many minority groups which make up a significant portion of the inmate population. Furthermore, prior to the pandemic, the African American unemployment rate was at an all time low, and the economy was at an all time high. However, during his presidency, Trump himself added millions of jobs. According to, Trump added over six million jobs during the first three years of his presidency and the unemployment was at its lowest in fifty years. Median household income rose 2.3 percent. Average weekly paychecks rose 2.8 percent. The poverty rate and food stamp rolls declined. All of these achievements are a result of Trump’s intricate experience with the global economy which he has learned after decades of working a real job, unlike some of his competitors, who have worked in politics their entire lives and are largely ineffective. 

Although the left media continues to make claims that Trump is the cause of the racial tension in the country and that his administration is responsible for the rise in police brutality, it should be noted that the local police departments are responsible for the cruel murders of unarmed African American people, and the vast majority of the cities, including Louisville, where Breonna Taylor was killed, and Minneapolis, where George Floyd was shot, are historically democratic cities with democratic mayors.

While the left is doing everything they can to make Trump look inadequate before the election, I believe that the silent majority will prevail again as in 2016, and Trump will win the 2020 election.

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