Christian Rockamore

Seniors still were able to graduate in person on July 18 despite the trials of the pandemic.

At graduation, there were a number of differences from years past because of COVID-19. The School was forced to delay the graduation date until they had a window of time when the local government would allow them to have the gathering. 

“Fortunately we were able to have the ceremony with no complications,” Head of Security Jody Trumbell said.  “Each guest, graduate and worker wore a mask and were very aware of social distancing protocols.”

Senior valedictorian Ned Dockery took on the challenge to deliver a speech with an important message to his fellow classmates.

“I knew we all shared the privilege of our ESD education,” Dockery said. “I wanted all of us to be able to recognize that privilege and act on it.”

Though it was somewhat difficult to plan the speech because of COVID-19, Dockery said it provided him with many topics he could talk about.

“I wanted to give people a bit of a break and offer a productive and somewhat optimistic message,” Dockery said “When I was giving the speech, my words were coming from the heart and I meant every single one of them.”

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