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Texas governor, Greg Abbott, put a quarantine in place that lasted until April 30, that required all citizens to stay home unless an outside activity was considered “essential.” The only reason people should have been going out was to get groceries or medications. Now that the ban has been lifted, teenagers are spending time with other people, causing medical experts to worry about an increase in the amount of cases. 

Medical experts and hospitals recommend people to continue to practice social distancing and only go out unless truly necessary. The COVID-19 case and death count has continued to increase since the lift of the ban. As of May 14, Dallas faced 6,837 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 159 deaths, according to Dallas County Health and Human Services. The Eagle Edition staff believes that staying inside is crucial to maintaining a healthy population. 

Less contact with others reduces the possibility of spreading the virus, but this can be difficult for teenagers as they are not able to see their friends on a daily basis. According to the Washington Post and Harvard Medical School, parents have expressed discomfort in trying to provide their kids with alternatives to contact with friends. 

It is a great time for teenagers to use social media or other technologies to remain in contact with friends and family. Many students have been able to find comfort in large group Zoom meetings or Facetime with their friends on a frequent basis. Others are also able to communicate with their friends through video games, or they will go on walks while remaining six feet apart. 

With schools cancelled for the rest of the year, students do not have the opportunity to participate in sports or fine arts activities. Many are disappointed that their sports season or art shows were cut short. However, teens have been able to develop new hobbies or continue their activities while at home. Also, breaks during school hours have given students more available time to fill in with things they are passionate about. 

As quarantine continues, teens should realize how much hardship they could cause by not refraining contact with friends. It is crucial to continue to maintain as little contact with others as possible. The lack of social interaction with others truly affects a teen’s stability; however, the use of social media or other platforms allows students to continue to participate in community activities and maintain friendships virtually. 

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