Seniors share their frustration, reflect on past experiences, potential victories 

Elliot McCabe & Elisabeth Siegel

Coronavirus started off as small talk in the U.S. but soon turned into a widespread global pandemic.

With over 39,800 cases statewide, Texas has shut down all non-essential businesses and closed all schools. Along with these non-essential businesses closing, all school sports and activities closed as well. Students, captains and coaches were disappointed to find out about the closure and abrupt ending of their spring seasons––a season that could have won state.

“At first I did not expect what COVID-19 was capable of,” senior lacrosse captain Jack Loftus said. “I didn’t really want to accept it… [The cancellation] was heartbreaking.”

Loftus had been out of sports previously from a knee injury and was begging to get on the field at the end of the lacrosse season. He was excited to finish his last season and hopefully end the season as a Texas State Champion for the second year in a row.

“The senior class is capable of a lot,” Loftus said. “It is sad we could not prove ourselves one last time.”

“It had to happen, And I fully understand that, but it doesn’t take emotion out of the situation.  I’m grateful for the few weeks we did have together though.”

Maggie Koch, womens lacrosse coach

Seniors, like Loftus, were frustrated upon hearing the news of the cancellation, and even though they will never have the memory of finishing their senior year with a state victory, the entire senior lacrosse class will forever have the cheerful memories of playing lacrosse together.

“The senior class lost only three games from second to fourth grade,” Loftus said. “Throughout the 12 past years [I played] for the school, [the lacrosse team] has made many memories that we will all cherish [for] the rest of our lives.”

 Coaches had been trying to keep in contact with their players and encouraged them to stay active by sending weekly workouts in case the season would be able to resume. 

“As a senior, it was my last season, and it didn’t end as I hoped, so it wasn’t a very good feeling when I found out,” senior track captain Humza Naseem said. “We had a pretty good team this year. We probably weren’t going to take SPC, but we could’ve done something.”

The tennis team, because it requires less close contact, has been hoping to set up matches with other teams in Dallas. The teammates have bonded with each other and have learned many treasured morals that they don’t want to give up playing just yet.

“It didn’t really hit me that the season was over until it was my senior night, and I was sitting at home not playing my final match,” senior tennis captain Sarah Morrow said. “No matter how far you might be down, you can always come back up to win.”

Girls lacrosse coach Maggie Koch won’t get to see the team every day and use their interaction as an outlet to relieve stress from the pressures of school and life.

“It had to happen, and I fully understand that, but it doesn’t take emotion out of the situation,” Koch said. “I’m grateful for the few weeks we did have together though.”

“The senior class is capable of a lot. it is sad we could not prove ourselves one last time.”

Jack Loftus, senior

Koch has been coaching the current seniors for four years. And all four years she has gone with the team to SPC and has won twice.

“Each of them embraced whatever position and role they were given each year and did it to the best of their ability, which has made them really good teammates,” Koch said. “It’s tough every year to think about not having the senior class back… I’m really going to miss them.”

Koch believes in teaching the girls valuable lessons that can be implemented from the field into the real world and hopes that, after what we are going through, the girls will learn important values such as empathy, confidence and resilience.

“Sports are difficult emotionally and physically, and mistakes are constantly made,” she said. “Once something is done, it’s done, so harping on a mistake doesn’t change that it happened. Being able to move on makes playing sports more enjoyable, but it also makes some life situations easier.”

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